Meeting with Engineering academics

Meeting with Engineering academics by Lynne Meehan, Engineering Librarian

With CILN into its first year, The Engineering Library team were looking for ways to embed the CILN framework into our training. Until this point, despite contributing to various strands of the CILN project, we had yet to investigate how we incorporate and embed CILN into the training we provide.

We regularly attend the department’s Innovative Teaching Forum events and through the Lent Term event were aware of an opportunity to discuss our teaching and how it supports the Engineering Tripos. Taking advantage of this I arranged a meeting with one of the Engineering academics who had presented at the latest event.

I planned to take the CILN framework to the meeting as this would enable a holistic look at Information Literacy and how it contributes to student learning. It was also an opportunity to highlight the wider work that CILN have undertaken in the last year. At about the same time as I arranged the meeting I also found out about the work Helen Murphy had undertaken for Arts and Humanities. This looked at the competencies in an Arts and Humanities context including breaking it down to expectations at particular periods during a student’s time at Cambridge. We were very grateful that Helen was willing to share the CILN Framework in practice: Arts and Humanities document with us, especially at short notice, and I could go to the meeting with a practical document that looked at the student journey and their needs at each stage.

The discussions were useful as they demonstrated we are providing the support Engineering students need, highlighted that we are a key stakeholder in the curriculum, and enabled deeper conversation around criticality and its place in the curriculum. Personally, I found the discussion hugely useful for finding out more about the Engineering curriculum, which can be quite difficult to get the nuance in a department the size of Engineering.

Next steps for the Engineering team – We are currently looking at the four competencies and applying an “Engineering Lens” to them that incorporates elements of the UK Spec  (used by the Engineering Council for accrediting undergraduate engineering degrees). We can use this to create a CILN Framework in practice: Engineering document, which we can then use to create learning objectives for the sessions that we deliver. By undertaking this work we hope as a team we will improve understanding of what we do, where we fit within the curriculum and improve our understanding of the curriculum.

Continuing CILN’s ethos of collaboration we will happily share those documents when they are ready.



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