CamGuides and engagement with faculty staff at MMLL

At MMLL, we emailed our new undergraduates and our Directors of Studies at the very beginning of October to introduce the Library and the subject librarians, and I also took this opportunity to promote CamGuides. The email was written in a friendly ‘welcome to Cambridge’ style and was pitched as ‘this will help with your last minute preparations’.

You could argue that the first week of October was a bit late for students; the inductions showed that some of them had engaged with CamGuides and others had not. From the feedback we received during our inductions they had found the referencing and plagiarism information most useful.

However, it seems that a few days before the start of term was just the right time for academic staff because responses from them were almost immediate, both via email and in person. For example, the language teachers asked that the resource could include a short summary of how language classes work in Cambridge. Another member of academic staff also suggested that a link to CamGuides should be added to the Faculty website.

Both of these requests were followed up with a paper submitted to the Undergraduate Studies Committee, and at the meeting in mid-October the Faculty agreed that CamGuides would be a really useful addition to the website. CamGuides will therefore be incorporated into a webpage for offer holders which is currently under construction and due to be launched in mid-January.

As well as this, the LTOs (Language Teaching Officers) agreed to liaise with the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies to write a few sentences on language classes. These were added to the “practical, labs and classes” page in the “How will I learn” section of CamGuides for Undergraduates before Christmas.


By Hélène Fernandes, Library Manager, Teaching & Learning Support Librarian, Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics Library


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