CILN Projects 2021

Lynne Meehan and Catherine Reid presented the CILN projects in a lightning talk at the Cambridge Libraries Conference in January 2021 and called for volunteers.

We would like to thank all those who have offered to help with new or ongoing projects, and also members of the CILN Advisory Group for leading on projects. If anyone is interested in being more involved with CILN, get in touch with Lynne, Catherine or Laura or email

In the last month the Teaching and Learning for Librarians 2021 course launched with a record number of participants and we also launched the CILN Tools for Teaching LibGuide, which brings together guidance, advice, tools, templates and tips aimed at supporting Cambridge libraries staff as they plan, conduct and evaluate their teaching.

Ongoing projects that will be reviewed and evaluated this year include the Information Literacy Framework, the Good Academic Practice Toolkit, and Study Skills LibGuides. The successful critical reading course has moved to Moodle and will provide asynchronous learning for students. The new online course is undergoing testing and will be launched shortly following feedback, watch this space! The teaching course for library staff has also moved online and lots of interested staff are taking part. During 2021 a number of new projects will start including:-

·       Cambridge Libraries Guide to Teaching

This project aims to define common principles for library teaching and create units of re-usable teaching. It will involve library staff across Cambridge libraries. The project will commence shortly and is expected to take around 18 months.

·       Inclusive Teaching Toolkit

This project will develop guiding principles, and collate case studies. It is being developed with advice from the Accessibility Team.

·       Initial scoping of a CamGuides for PhDs

In conjunction with the Research Services Group this project will investigate current provision, and define the scope and content of a possible CamGuides for PhDs.

A more detailed document, including project leads and stakeholders can be found on SharePoint. The SharePoint site also includes the minutes from the CILN Advisory Group meetings, which normally take place on the first Tuesday of each month.

Laura Moss, February 2021


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