About CILN

The Cambridge Information Literacy Network involves over fifty library staff from across the university collaborating on the Cambridge Information Literacy Framework. CILN is part of the broader Education Programme at Cambridge University Libraries.

Our remit is broad and our activities reflect this – we are researching students’ learning outcomes, inductions and orientation, professional skills, and delivering online teaching and learning activities to support students in their transition to university.

The Framework is intended to provide a clear, cohesive rationale for the Library community to engage with support for teaching and learning. It contains a defining statement and outlines four key competencies, based on the Association of College and research Libraries (ACRL) Framework for Information Literacy.

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It is intended that the Framework will form the basis for our teaching and learning engagement opportunities primarily for Undergraduate and Master’s students, and has been devised in order that we provide a joined-up approach which delivers a consistent experience for students.

The Framework and collaborative work of CILN should allow for information literacy teaching which is allied closely to academic subject skills and individual student development, supporting the collegiate education Cambridge students receive; it will encourage the Library to develop partnerships with academics and other learning support providers in the University.

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