Framework Five – Thing 1

It’s been really interesting to read the submissions and blog posts for Thing 1. We asked “What is Information Literacy” and the task asked you to reflect on what informs, and contributes to, information literacy in your context. I’ve picked a few snippets and included a full submission to give you a flavour of the … Continue reading Framework Five – Thing 1

Literacy lessons from LILAC

Literacy Lessons from LILAC by Claire Sewell LILAC is a firm fixture on the information conference calendar and an event that many of us at Cambridge aspire to attend at least once in our careers. Focusing on information literacy and teaching, the event has grown to become the premier information literacy event across a range … Continue reading Literacy lessons from LILAC

Snippets from our LILAC diaries

The Cambridge contingent at LILAC was HUGE this year – we had fun, we talked, we ate lots of cake and we learnt one or two things as well. Impressions of LILAC from attendees ranged widely: The profoundly situated, contextual and iterative nature of information literacy. Also how embodied the process is, posing interesting challenges … Continue reading Snippets from our LILAC diaries

Masters’ pre-arrival: three dilemmas (and a potentially rogue apostrophe)

Hello! Time for a Masters’ pre-arrival project update? Please, and comment below, or email me, or phone, or whatever. Soz that it ended up being a bit long. So far the project has mostly consisted of reading, thinking, wondering if there really is an apostrophe after the word Masters, and talking to people. I genuinely … Continue reading Masters’ pre-arrival: three dilemmas (and a potentially rogue apostrophe)

CILN is here!

The first official meeting of the Cambridge Information Literacy Network (CILN for short) took place in the first week of February. Over the next few months, more than fifty staff from across the entire Cambridge library community will be participating in a range of collaborative projects related to information literacy and, in particular, the new … Continue reading CILN is here!