Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Framework Five? 

An online course, starting in February 2020, that will give you the opportunity to explore the CILN Framework and apply it to your own work! 

Who can take part? 

The course is open to all staff working in library-related roles across the University of Cambridge, regardless of role or grade. Just do remember to ask your line manager first if you need to! To register for the course, please complete our registration form. [Registration now closed]

How does it work? 

There will be five sections to the course which will be released sequentially. You will have 2-3 weeks to complete each section before the next one is released. Each section should take no longer than around 3 hours to complete, even though this estimate will vary depending on your existing knowledge. 

What will I have to do for each Thing?

When each Thing is released, you’ll have three things to do. First, you’ll have to read the blog post and second, any additional readings given in the blog post. (A maximum of two per thing). You’ll then need to complete one or two short tasks. These will encourage you to reflect on what you’ve read from your own perspective, and to consider your own information literacy professionally and personally.

I might be away/unavailable/not able to keep up! 

Don’t worry, we’ll release each section several weeks apart and you can complete everything as soon as you have access, or take a bit longer. Even if a new Thing has been released, the previous Thing will still be open and accessible so you can catch up.  
The release dates are as follows: 
Thing 1: What is Information Literacy?  (3 February 2020) 

Thing 2: Resource Discovery (17 February 2020) 

Thing 3: Critical Assessment (9 March 2020) 

Thing 4: Managing Information (30 March 2020) 

Thing 5: Creating and Communicating (20 April 2020)  

How do I submit my work for a shiny certificate? 

You have two choices for submitting the written element of the course. You can either blog about it and let us know what link you’ll be posting at when you register for the course. Or if you don’t fancy blogging, we will include a link at the end of each Thing to a dedicated form that you can use to submit your work.  
To be eligible for a certificate, we expect you to engage with the materials, submit work according to the instructions for each Thing and to complete your work by the end of May 2020. 

Who can I ask for help? 

If you’re having trouble accessing forms, registering, getting email or anything else relating to the administration of the course, email George Cronin.

If you don’t understand something in one of the Thing posts and need to get clarification, email Helen Murphy.

If you’re not sure how to write reflectively or just need some support, email Laura Moss.

We’re all here to help so please do not hesitate to get in touch! 

I feel lonely doing this, is there a place to chat about things with other people taking the course? 

We’re glad you asked! We have a private Yammer group that you can join to discuss the course with fellow participants. You will need to log in using your Office 365 credentials (often the same as your Raven ID) and then you can request to join the group!  

If you’re having any trouble with access, please email Laura Moss

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